January 24, 2022
Ways To Understand Customers Using Social Media

Ways To Understand Customers Using Social Media

Old brands and new brands, small to large – are increasingly fluent in using social media as a marketing campaign instrument. As King Kong’s founder, Sabri Suby said, the main goal is to understand the changing needs and wants of customers. Brands certainly want to be agents of change in their target market through various innovations. Thus, brands also need to be proactive in adapting to changes in their target market. This change should ideally occur internally. However, in the worst-case scenario, the brand is “forced” to change due to the market situation.

This awareness to change often comes too late for most of the big brands that tend to be established, and many have gone out of business. How should brands optimize the function of social media?

Social media listening
This phase provides space for brands to identify all interactions on social media regarding their brand persona, impressions of their products or services, habits of customers – as well as potential customers, including competitors.

Social media listening can be done manually or with the help of paid software. Of course, using paid software will be much easier and save time.

On the other hand, brands can also hear various complaints from customers that are not conveyed directly, while mapping the dynamics of the needs and desires of the target market.

Doing online survey
Some social media provide features for conducting simple online surveys on users’ social media accounts. This method can be used by brands to be able to more actively understand the character of their audience.

Moreover, so that the audience is more motivated in the survey, the brand can give prizes (rewards) for the audience who participates, or it can also be made a kind of online competition.
The most important thing in conducting online surveys on social media is to ensure that the followers or audiences of the brand’s social media match the target market. The principle of “Garbage In, Garbage Out” also applies in this case. An online survey on social media where the majority of participants are outside the scope of the target market will produce data that is misleading for the brand.

Fostering a personal relationship with the audience
In psychology, there is a belief that the emotional distance between two people greatly determines the level of openness and trust in each other. In the pre-internet and social media era, direct marketers were often trained to build personal relationships with potential customers.

The closer a brand is with its followers, its audience, its customers, its target market on social media, the easier it is for brands to explore their deepest information, which in turn becomes the primary foundation for innovation.

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