January 24, 2022
Want to Push Rank? First Understand the Tier System in PUBG Mobile Season 13

Want to Push Rank? First Understand the Tier System in PUBG Mobile Season 13

PUBG Mobile is a competitive game, where there is a tier or rank system in it. The more often you play and get chicken dinner, the higher the tier or rank. Since season 1, PUBG Mobile has continued to attract the attention of gamers around the world, including Indonesia. Although it is a game that requires high-end device specifications or gadgets, it does not reduce the enthusiasm of its fans. As mentioned earlier, PUBG Mobile has a tier or rank system. Inside, there are eight different tiers, ranging from Bronze to the highest rank, Conqueror. From there, the term push rank emerged. The term has a meaning where players are trying to increase the tier of PUBG Mobile. Because, tier more or less describes how good the player is, especially when using achat compte lol.

Tier also determines what prizes will be obtained when entering the new season. The higher the tier, the merrier the prizes or rewards received. Bronze is a tier that will be given to players after completing the first game. There are five sub-tiers in it, the lowest being Bronze V. Usually, a player whose tier is Bronze can be concluded as a new player. The more often you play and the more points you get, the greater the chance to move up the tier. Just like Bronze and Silver, the gold tier consists of five sub-tiers, ranging from Gold V to Gold I. Starting from this tier, players are expected to have started to understand the PUBG Mobile game. Starting from how to find the best spot, rush the enemy, and play safe.

In the platinum tier, there are fewer bots in the game, around 20-30 bots out of 100 players. In addition, the chance of meeting bots is also getting smaller. Players who have reached the platinum tier are considered experienced enough. The basics of PUBG Mobile, namely surviving until the end of the game, are much better. The next tier is Diamond. If the player has reached this tier, it can be considered that he has mastered the general things in PUBG Mobile. Players are also more aware of choosing the best weapon, know when to rush, and are quick to make decisions. The presence of bots is also much reduced, about 15-25 per game.

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