January 24, 2022
Types of Glass Cabinets That Make the Kitchen Look Different

Types of Glass Cabinets That Make the Kitchen Look Different

The existence of a hanging cupboard in the kitchen or better known as a cabinet does not seem foreign. This one object has an important role to be able to store all the furniture and kitchen spices neatly. Cabinet materials also vary, but now we will specifically discuss cabinets made of glass. Here are some types of cabinet designs made of glass from Go Glass:

You have a minimalist kitchen? Have lots of unique furniture? If so, you should use a glass cabinet with a transparent design. Its simple and plain shape is perfect for a minimalist kitchen and doesn’t make the kitchen feel narrower. If you decide to use a glass cabinet like this, then make sure you can always arrange it neatly. Yes, neatness is the key to using a transparent glass cabinet. However, this is what makes many people think twice about applying this cabinet.

Don’t really like glass cabinets that are too transparent? You can choose this type of glass cabinet. The shape and model is not much different from a transparent glass cabinet. The difference is in the glass which is more opaque. You can apply this frosted cabinet to accentuate the impression of a more modern kitchen. By using this cabinet, you must pay attention to its neatness because the silhouette of the furniture will be visible, but you can arrange it not too neatly.

This one cabinet uses a special glass that makes it look different. Just see that there are large or small bubbles on the glass. This texture is what makes the items in the cabinet look a little “blurred”. Especially for those of you who want to display a vintage and traditional feel in your kitchen, this seeded glass cabinet will be the right choice.

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