January 24, 2022
Organizing Scandinavian Interiors At Home

Organizing Scandinavian Interiors At Home

Scandinavian-style interiors that highlight the combination of simplicity with function have recently become one of the favorite styles of many people to design rooms, both for homes and offices. This Scandinavian style was first introduced in the 1930s and was already known to many people in the 1970s. A minimalist and clean impression is the reason many people use this Scandinavian style. And if you’re just getting started with stuffing your new home, this interior design style is easy to implement. Old houses can of course also apply this Scandinavian-style interior style to look like a Modern Luxury. One of the highlights of the Scandinavian-style design is the use of natural materials. You can use wood for the floor. The use of carpet is not recommended. But if you still want to use it, choose a rug with a small size and neutral color.

Color is one of the important factors in implementing the Scandinavian design. Choose neutral and light colors such as white or pastels. But if you don’t want to use white, you can use light blue or soft pink. This color selection starts with small objects such as chair cushions. Placing a work of art is a crucial thing in the Scandinavian design style. You can choose from a variety of sizes, from small to large. Scandinavian design always emphasizes symmetrical lines so placing a painting in a black frame is a very good idea. One of the uniqueness of the Scandinavian style is its structured design and accentuates geometric shapes such as circles and rectangles. This also applies when you choose furniture for the house. Use a mirror in the bathroom that has a circular shape or a rectangular dining table.

In applying the Scandinavian style, the selection of furniture must be done carefully because at least it must have two things, namely light and multifunctional. In your minimalist room, you don’t need to have a lot of furniture, for example, choose a chair with a unique design to make it stand out.

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