January 24, 2022
Know What Is Web 3.0 And Its Impact On Crypto Assets, Not The Ordinary Web!

Know What Is Web 3.0 And Its Impact On Crypto Assets, Not The Ordinary Web!

Web3 is a term to describe the most recent development of website technology. Previously, there was already a term Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 that you already know. Web 3.0 is a new type of internet, not only being able to respond to what you are looking for and typing, but also being able to understand everything you say in various forms. Starting from the form of text, sound, or other media. Many things can be explored about Web 3.0. Although its existence is not new, there is still a lot of potentials that have not been fully utilized so it is still in the early stages. With visit us, we can find many potential web 3.0 projects developed in the crypto network. Of course, this is very profitable.

In simple terms, later websites and applications will be able to process information like humans. All of this is possible through technologies such as machine learning (ML) and Big Data.

Reporting from Coin Market Cap, the creator of the World Wide Web (WWW), Tim Berners-Lee, calls Web 3.0 the Semantic Web. Web3 is a smarter and more open version of the internet.

Later, data on the internet will be connected in a decentralized or spread out manner. Of course, this is very different from the system used in Web 2.0, where data is stored centrally or centrally.

Therefore, the 2 most important things in Web3 technology are the semantic web and also artificial intelligence (AI). Users can not only interact with other users, but applications can also interact with other applications.

The semantic web or semantic web itself is a web development where web content is displayed not only in human language format but also in a format that can be read and used by machines.

Web 3.0 Usability
Currently, Web 3.0 has been used in many aspects although it is still not optimal because in the future there are still many things that can be improved.

Some companies are already using internet 3.0 applications in their applications. For example, Amazon, Apple, and Google. Siri, for example, an AI assistant that can be controlled by the user’s voice, is getting smarter and smarter. Siri can recognize people by voice, face, and also perform complex and personalized commands.

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