January 24, 2022

Get To Know The 4 Parts Of The Camera

The camera is not a foreign tool for all of us. Especially in an era that has been supported by increasingly sophisticated technology like today. Of course, almost everyone has used a camera. But in this article, we will not discuss the benefits or how to use the camera. Because in this article, we will discuss more some parts of the camera. In the first, the camera has color. In this case, you need to know that the camera has color and in this case the presence of color in the camera, this uses an inner optical system, where there is a separation of light that is indeed focused by the lens into primary colors. Optical systems commonly used are prism beam splitters or aro corp , which receive the maximum light source and the light will be lost a little. This bias also uses optical distortion. But some use a dichroic mirror optical system, which is usually found in cameras that are quite affordable.

The second part of the camera is the photoelectric transducer, which has the function of converting the image optically into an electronically emitted signal or video signal. The third part of the camera is the charge-coupled device or CCD. This part is in the form of a chip, which functions as a replacement for the pick-up tube. The function is pretty much the same, only the way it works is slightly different. The advantage of using a CCD is that it is smaller and lighter so the camera is more designed in a practical and lightweight form than the type of camera that does not use a CCD.

In the fourth part of the camera, there is a viewfinder. This is part of being able to see an object that will enter the camera. Usually, photographers will use the viewfinder to adjust the frame to focus the image. The viewfinder is also equipped with an indicator light or display.

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