January 24, 2022
Benefits Of Watching Shows For Children

Benefits Of Watching Shows For Children

Watching shows can be beneficial for children’s psychological development. The activity of paying attention to the storyline and observing the play being played has a positive impact. There are various kinds of performing arts that you can give to children, one of which may be a magic show. In a magic show, you can direct your child to act like a kids magician who has reliable tricks and amazes everyone.

A child psychologist said that giving shows or entertainment to children should be educational and of high quality. Because children are easily influenced by the things they witnessed firsthand.

In addition, watching the show can be a means for parents to introduce customs, historical values, and goodness in a fun way.

Although not all performances contain elements of custom and culture, most of the performances, such as theater arts, have elements of custom and culture in them.

After watching art performances, there will be a possibility that children are interested in role-playing at school. This is certainly good and can train their confidence in themselves, and improve their social skills.

The results of the study show that children who are involved in stage theater, musical groups, orchestral teams, choir, dance, and other artistic activities have higher school achievement, lower dropout rates, and have better attitudes about school. and society.

While playing a role, children actually learn to put themselves in the experience of being someone else. Relive a scene can train children to have empathy.

In addition, because role-playing is more fun with friends or in groups, children can learn to communicate, queue, and share together.
Then, in terms of health, there are also other benefits of watching shows. A small study conducted by a doctor revealed that the health benefits of watching live theater shows can stimulate the cardiovascular system at the same level as exercising for 28 minutes.

Identify some signs of whether your children are interested and have a talent for the world of performing arts. The salient features that can be recognized are if the child likes to look in the mirror while playing mimics and imitating the voice of the person or his idol cartoon characters. This can be an early sign that they like the world of acting and performing arts.

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