April 16, 2021
Why You Need To Invest In Singapore Condominium

Why You Need To Invest In Singapore Condominium

Singapore has become the most desirable location for buying investment homes in Asia. Singapore remains to be a “haven for investment due to the steady political situation and extensive measures implemented” by the government to reduce the recurrence of Covid-19. Prolonged travel barriers limit the inflow of visitors to the city-state and prevent potential foreign investors interested in buying homes in Singapore from seeing the physical units. That resulted in a decline in overall luxury home sales by 20.4 percent. Together with a lack of new launches, high-end Singapore homes are struggling to gain traction in this pandemic year. But the Provence Residence EC is the best solution for your condominium investment.

Despite the pandemic, the 100 locations covered by the PIRI 100 recorded an average price increase of 1.9 percent, up from 1.8 percent. The multi-million dollar price tag on Singapore’s record number of public housing sales is a sign that the city-state is joining the frenzy of the property market that is gripping from Hong Kong to Toronto. A total of 23 government-subsidized apartments on the secondary market were purchased for at least S $ 1 million to set a new monthly record, according to data from real estate portal SRX Property. Generally, well-maintained flats can be found around the most expensive locations such as the famous Orchard Road shopping area, often returning profits to their owners after 5 years. So, make sure to check out the Provence Residence to see how you could get the profit you want.

Prices in the city-state have recovered quickly after a relaxed lockdown last year and low-interest rates pushed buyers through a deep economic recession. This is the best time to make sure you get the best condominium like Provence Residence EC. The pace of increases in public housing could go to private property, a sector that withdrew cooling measures from the government may reintroduce. Restrictions on public housing can adversely affect the value of the greatest asset value of most people. All the warning shots the government fired were aimed at private housing when the resale price of public flats went higher. To maintain affordability, policymakers are focusing on the supply of new government-built apartments and selling them at a discount to eligible buyers.

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