April 16, 2021
Decorate The House With Striped Curtains

Decorate The House With Striped Curtains

The wood material is indeed very easy to apply to give a natural wall appearance paint a room. For a more modern and unique look, you can get creative by using a shiny wood texture. Walls with shiny wood will be suitable to be applied in various rooms because of their soothing and soothing colors. In this case, you can apply the touch of a wooden wall not only to a rustic-style house but also to a minimalist home style. By using wood, will make the house feel cooler and more natural. Of course, an atmosphere like that will make your family comfortable at home. However, if you want wood with a shiny texture to be applied to the wooden walls for the outside, then you need to do an exterior painting woodstock with an insect repellent layer and a layer to protect the wood from all seasons such as rain, heat and so on. This needs to be done for every wooden house so that the durability of the wood can be maintained and still good.

Besides, for those of you who have a wooden house with a modern concept, this additional motif might be a motive for you to consider because this type of motif can always be used at any time in various styles of room design. These types of motifs are curtains with stripes that will not only make the house look elegant, but also look fresh and modern. You can also choose minimalist motif curtains with different color combinations.

By applying this patterned curtain to your wooden house, this motif will make the room look more attractive and far from monotonous. But especially for narrow rooms, you should use vertical stripes to give the illusion of a wider and wider room. Of course, this will make your wooden house even better with some creations

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